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About us

Campus Candy is a vibrant and social Self-Serve Yogurt and Candy Store near the Main Gate Square of the University of Arizona.  With over 400 assorted candies, including Retro Candies from the 1920’s to Today.  All Candies can be used as toppings for the Frozen Yogurt.  We rotate up to 15 different flavors of some of the highest quality Kosher Yogurt, Italian Ice and Gelato, which contain 5 culture strains and 3 Probiotics.  We have 8 TV’s which also feature Sports and all University of Arizona televised games, FREE WIFI and indoor/outdoor seating.

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Meet our Staff

Holly is our Manager. Holly has been with Campus Candy since 2011. She designs our wedding, birthday, corporate events, etc. So, book an event TODAY! Quinn is our marketing and events coordinator. He sets up all the promotions for our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are an integral part of making this store deliver a healthier frozen treat and a more diverse candy assortment. Come visit our youthful and fun environment, which attracts the locals, the healthy and the indulgent clientele.

  • Holly
  • Quinn
Address: Main Gate Square
910 E. University Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719
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